Thank you for visiting my site. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for during your stay. If you do not, I encourage you to contact me.

This site is geared specifically towards my life as a web developer and to that end, I will start off with a brief history. I began programming in 8th grade (1996) with QBasic. My first programs were "choose your own adventure" text based games. In 9th grade I started working on web development along with C++. During high school I created a small number of unimpressive websites, learning along the way.

While completing my bachelors in psychology I decided to build a game based off "The Matrix" movie and the current site MageWars. The source for it was lost long ago but it was a lot of fun to make. The game engine was time based in which you received a certain number of resources per hour. With those resource you had to construct a base and army. Fighting was all done via instant calculations based on your army "stack". My first major commercial project began just after completing college (2005) and was titled Yard Manager. It took about 4 months to develop and was a database driven junk yard management software with a nice GUI. Though I underestimated the competition in this market I learned a lot and, with the official founding of my business, I started doing web development as a secondary source of income.

For about two years, while I was working at a mental health clinic, I continued to do one off sites until I decided I could sustain myself fully as a web developer. I quit my job and decided to to pursue web development full time. I devoted a large amount of energy researching new languages, taking on more jobs and developing personal ideas that I had. On February 22nd 2007 I met Ray Pittman, owner of Quasar Enterprises, and we decided to work on a joint venture of Restaurant Web Express. While we worked on this together I started taking on more and more responsibility at Quasars. Ultimately my end position was lead graphical designer/programmer and project manager. During the three years I worked with Quasar's I learned unfathomable amounts about not only web development, but running a business.

Upon completion of Restaurant Web Express, I worked for approximately 2 years as a freelance web developer. I then was connected to ArtStamps LLC as a client. After approximately 3 months they offered me a full time position at their company. It was my pleasure to help them with all of their technology needs and, though they no longer need a full time technologist, I still enjoy a positive working relationship with them and appreciate all that I learned during our time together. At the present I am the lead web developer with S&S Worldwide. I am at all times developing and releasing a number of web based projects from my extremely long list of personal ideas.

At this point in time I have extensive knowledge of both front and backend programming and pride myself on writing efficient, modular based code. I always research new technologies in web development languages and always stress the importance of web standards compliance. My organizational and interpersonal communication skills have enabled me to complete projects in a demanding environment, reaching goals with extremely short time constraints. I always take extreme pride in my work and always insist on the highest quality craftsmanship. I have been blessed to find my way, somehow, to a field that I love.