S&S Worldwide
This eCommerce site currently generates approximately $40M annually. Since I took over the website I have developed and transitioned the legacy code base to a custom MVC framework utilizing modern OOP practices. While bringing the company to PCI compliance I oversaw the movement of the site to Amazon's Web Services (Cloud). Other projects include building a REST API, implementing Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, a custom rewards program, a personalization program, email marketing campaigns, seo optimization, integrating a new chat solution, and building a cXML eProcurment system. My work included extensive interaction with a custom ERP system.
Restaurant Web Express
This completely custom built content management system is geared specifically toward restaurant websites. Click here to view a short demonstration video. Features include an original 3 tier pop-up system, a javascript page sliding system, a global help system, an advanced bug tracking system, efficient database interfaces and a flexible front end templating system. Sample restaurants running the system are available below.
ArtStamps LLC.
Artstamps.com is a website that allows any organization to launch a fundraiser and collect money by selling personalized products. Interesting features include a custom admin area (Order Page, Gallery Import, Ticket/Tasks) and a custom coordinator control panel. On top of the standard ecommerce features, this site can hold orders (to offer free batch shipping back to organization), allow orders to be interfaced with the gallery system and automatically calculates the percentage of each sale which is given to the fundraiser. ArtStamps.com places orders with three seperate vendors (via POST, SOAP and FTP/XML) who handle fullfillment.
Instant Mechanic
A personal project of mine, Instant Mechanic is designed to make vehicle care easier. There are a number of features still being developed however a list of what is current live is available on this page. If you would like free access to view the paid content area please contact me.
Build Your Firm
BuildYourFirm.com is a content managment system geared specifically towards CPAs. At the time of writing they are at over 680 sites running from it.

Click here

to learn a little bit about the admin area or click here to view some of the layouts.
WireFrame Review
WireFrameReview.com started off as a simple script to help me communicate during the design phase of my projects. Based off the positive reaction I received from my clients and the amount of time I ended up saving, I added many features and made it available to the public. A live demo of the engine is available here.
GPU Coin
For a few months I served as lead web developer on a cryptocurrency team. The project was actually made up of a number of 'sister sites'. The primary site was simply informational. The Escrow/API site was a standalone server and it interacted with the cryptocoins daemon. The ecommerce site allowed for the purchasing of graphics cards (hence the name) and an online marketing place for people to trade. The last site was a discussion forum. This project was a lot of fun but, unfortunately short lived.
External Music
A personal project I created to ensure that I always had music to listen to while I coded. All the standard features you would expect from a music system (playlists, ratings etc.) along with some nice features such as bulk file uploading (with ID3 tag reading), youtube mp3 conversion and social sharing/messaging. Access is closed, if you would like to view the system please contact me or click here for a photo gallery.
Week Manager
This is a rather simple schedule management site I built over a long weekend. I utilize it to plan my work week. The site is driven by jquery ui with a responsive design loading almost all content via ajax. The main goal was to keep everything simple but it does have some nice features such as appointment management and drag and drop sorting.
This site represents what I consider a classic 'corporate' design. Containing the standard paid directory/listing features (featured listings, account admins, payment controls etc.) this site had one feature I truely enjoy. Location based search results are created by calculating the 100 mile radius from the starting point using a database of ZIP codes and GPS coordinates.
Connecticut Farm Bureau
A well designed site that allows for custom "subsite" system based on county (controllable via seperate administration areas). There is also an advanced members system.
This site, though a little old, demonstrates a number of design features which I enjoyed creating.
Steve Sullivan
A simple ecommerce site based off drupal. With this design, I specifically like the use of videos throughout the site.
Batherson Casting
The majority of the work on this site consists of a portfolio / account setup. All questions that are asked of a potential actor/actress are dynamically controlled via the administration area. There is also an advanced filtering system which lets you find only members that meet the criteria. From this shortened list you can email potential members or send a special login page to a director so they can make hiring choices.
Loving Heart Collection
This is a site that I worked on with a number of other programmers/graphical designers. This site sells customized jewerly and has a unique product/cart system. If you decided to browse around I recommend going through the ordering process.
Yard Software
This site was one of my first big projects. It is not representive of my current skill set and is mostly here for archival purposes. Its a car parts inventory software with a nice junk yard GUI, accounting system and employee time tracking system. Watch the demo here. Login is U:sample P:sample

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